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Customized Umbrella Case

The market response for these two umbrellas is very good, perfect to meet the expectations of customers. In the early stage, the umbrella industry conducted in-depth communication with customers. In order to meet the "fashion and practicality" of umbrella, the logo presentation was changed in the design, which got good feedback from the market.


After the customer determines the design drawing, specification and material of umbrella, the factory will make the sample and send it to the customer for confirmation. After the confirmation, the two sides confirm the cooperation, sign the contract, collect 30% deposit, the factory immediately prepare goods for production. After the finished product leaves the factory, we deliver it to the customer through logistics.



The possibility of customized umbrella is infinite. Based on the company's emphasis on design and good visual presentation of products, it has been recognized by many customers. In the future, we will provide more customers with high-quality and competitive products.

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Online promotion umbrella supplier

It can be difficult to browse the wide variety of promotional umbrella manufacturers online. Everyone competes on price and speed of delivery. When buying a promotional umbrella online, you also need to consider the quality of the product as well as the models available. The right promo umbrellas will help you to further expand the publicity, if the promo umbrellas are poor, not only will not let you stand out in the competition, but also may play the negative effect of word of mouth, therefore, it is important to choose excellent manufacturers.


Business promotional umbrella gift project

There are hundreds of gift products on the market that can be marketed. By choosing promotional market umbrellas as promotional items, you ensure repeated exposure. Because every time the corporate gifts umbrella is opened for use, the logo will show. If a striking design or bright color is used, then it really sets you apart from the competition. Many big brands have chosen promotional branded umbrellas as promotional items to promote their business and have chosen us for production and supply.


Which type of corporate giveaways umbrella should I choose for promotion?

What corporate umbrellas to choose as promotional umbrellas depend on the needs of your customers and the nature of your industry. Real estate developers tend to receive clients in urban Spaces, so they will choose walking umbrellas or promotional folding umbrellas because the opening size of umbrellas is more suitable for use in busy Spaces. Promotional golf umbrellas are often the choice of sports, automotive, and outdoor companies that want users to use their products in open Spaces. Usually seen on the starting grid in motorsport championships, the umbrella is held over the competitor's head during a car or motorcycle race.


Reasons for choosing corporate promotional umbrellas:

· Big brands often choose golf umbrellas as advertising umbrellas.

· Advertising umbrellas are great for some companies as gifts for employees or clients.

· Company corporate umbrellas with logo is a good idea for branding and use in places like clubs, showrooms or event venues.

· Corporate promotional umbrellas are lighter and easier to post promotions.

· Promotional market umbrellas are a good investment to make the most of your budget and get your brand repeatedly exposed.


Promotion of the advantages of corporate gifts umbrella:

· Eye-catching custom promotional umbrellas face design

· A sturdy frame

· Durable fiberglass umbrella bones and other materials to choose from

· Comfortable handle design


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