The sword points to the next ten billion! Jinjiang umbrella industry new leader how to act?

Recently, Jinjiang Umbrella Industry Association was established, and Wang Xiangpeng, general manager of Fujian Yoana Umbrella Industry Technology Co., LTD., assumed the presidency. This gives up the comfort zone, resolutely into the fathers of the industry "second generation", on the stage of their struggle.

September 02, 2022

Recently, Jinjiang Umbrella Industry Association was established, and Wang Xiangpeng, general manager of Fujian Yoana Umbrella Industry Technology Co., LTD., assumed the presidency. This gives up the comfort zone, resolutely into the fathers of the industry "second generation", on the stage of their struggle.

Over the past 40 years, the whole industrial chain "Jinjiang made" Jinjiang umbrella industry, the output value has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Standing on a new starting point, Wang Xiangpeng believes that only by sticking to the industry and not pursuing the outlet that is not suitable for him, can he lead the industry to create a second billion yuan.

After studying abroad, he joined the umbrella industry

In 2012, when Wang Xiangpeng was about to graduate from his major in finance in the UK, he was faced with an important choice: find a suitable company to work for first, or return to his hometown to take over the business founded by his father and carry it forward.

One quiet night, Wang Xiangpeng had a long talk with his father. His father was open-minded and did not demand that he return to his business, but respected his choice. "If you can put what you've learned into practice and make a difference in your field, I'm happy." Mr. Wang's father told him that succession wasn't his only option and that he could hire professional managers to run the business.

"Finance is promising, but I have more faith in industry,

I want to work out at my own company." "Wang Xiangpeng said.

After many similar conversations, Wang finally convinced his father to let him become an umbrella maker. He started in sales, gradually opened up the domestic market, and soon took over the overseas team.

"To be able to adapt quickly and put down roots, on the one hand, I have been exposed to the hard work of my parents since childhood, and empathize with them in the process of hard struggle; On the other hand, I believe that industry has a future, and private enterprises have a lot to offer." Wang Xiangpeng talked with the reporter about his relationship with the umbrella industry.

It can be said that Wang Xiangpeng is in the umbrella workshop "bubble" big. His father was busy pulling materials for delivery every day, and his mother often took him to the workshop to work while watching him. When he was tired, he would directly sleep in the carton in the workshop. As he grew up, his father's company developed, and he knew the production process of umbrellas and the business his parents had painstakingly built. He knew that the company was another son of his father's care, and that it was like a brother to him. Therefore, Wang Xiangpeng chose to return to China to take over his father's career.

After getting familiar with the sales business, Wang Xiangpeng gradually took over the management of the whole enterprise. In order to change the situation of passive order taking at the exhibition, he introduced industrial design early in the industry and connected with customer needs from the source of product development. Starting from the end consumer needs, he streamlined the combination of different materials and specifications, and developed products that not only meet the market demand but also win the favor of customers. Since then, the company has solved the pain points caused by the variety of finished products' prices due to the variety of materials and structures. The product quotation and operation of business personnel are simpler, and the profit margin is larger than before.

Do not chase the wind stick to the industry

In this way, on the one hand, Wang Xiangpeng adhered to the industry, on the other hand, he sought change and innovation in view of the industry's pain points. In 2018, in the important transition period of the development of traditional industries to intelligent manufacturing, Wang Xiangpeng led the establishment of the first science and technology innovation center of umbrella industry - Strait (Jinjiang) Umbrella Industry Science and Technology Innovation Center, as the industry "think tank". Last year, the platform helped transfer more than 30 million yuan of technology.

Automatic edge rolling device for umbrella cloth

During the 2020 pandemic, Yoana didn't stop innovating. The automatic edge rolling device of umbrella cloth independently developed by Wang Xiangpeng and the company's scientific researchers has become the only national key R&D plan project approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Jinjiang City.

At present, this equipment has been put into use. Through technical improvement, this project completely replaces the traditional sewing needle and thread with the new production process of edge holding, which has higher production efficiency, high yield and saves 30% labor cost. Now, Euanna has a number of scientific and technological innovation projects under way.

It is worth mentioning that in 2020, Yoana also participated in the establishment of the first intelligent factory in the umbrella industry. In this project, more than 10 complicated manual processes in the assembly process of umbrella rod are completely replaced by machines, and the workload of eight or nine workers can be replaced by one line, which can produce around the clock and save more than 90% labor.

In Wang Xiangpeng's opinion, digitalization is the new driving force for the current and future development of the industry. Therefore, he has made a lot of investment in equipment intelligence for many years, and also led the establishment of the industry science and technology innovation platform, hoping to promote the high-quality development of enterprises and the industry by improving the ability of science and technology innovation.

Mr. Wang, who is now in his 10th year in charge, has faced many temptations over the years to take shortcuts. In his office, he often sees someone with a tablet, telling him about stocks and various investments. There are various recommendations in the wechat group every day, but he rejects them one by one. Even when the stock market was booming, he didn't buy a single stock in the face of constant recommendations and myths about building wealth.

Wang Xiangpeng

"At a time when people are crazy about wealth, I feel this is also a crisis. If the way to profit is too easy, I feel insecure."

Mr. Wang said he had wondered if he had made the right choice. But after much self-doubt and reflection, he was convinced of his choice.

Wang Xiangpeng told reporters that although he has achieved certain achievements over the years, he is always in awe. He believes that he still has a lot of room for improvement. Under the conditions of ability, resources, funds and experience, he will have opportunities at any time, and he does not necessarily have to pursue the tuyvents that are not suitable for him.

Strong chain complement chain to create billions

Ten years ago, Wang Xiangpeng took over the "baton" from his parents and worked hard in his own way to rise to prominence in the industry. Ten years later, under the bright eyes of his colleagues in the industry, he took over the burden of leading the development of umbrella industry and accepted a new round of tests and challenges.

Under the plan of Wang Xiangpeng, Jinjiang Umbrella Industry Association will carry out a series of business activities relying on its umbrella City Industry and Trade company, on the one hand, to achieve the self-hematopoietic ability of the association, on the other hand, to continue to provide effective services for the industry.

For example, the centralized procurement of raw and auxiliary materials will effectively reduce the procurement costs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry and further standardize the order of the raw material market. At the same time, promoting bank-enterprise connection helps umbrella enterprises overcome difficulties in capital flow, cope with the severe epidemic and economic situation, and tide over development difficulties.

"In recent years, Jinjiang umbrella industry in the domestic market share has been increasing, in the domestic rain supplies market, Jinjiang accounts for one-third of the proportion."

Mr. Wang told reporters that Jinjiang's advantage in the domestic market has become more and more obvious since the two products, the open harvest and fiberglass, were put into the market. He believes that the domestic market share can be further increased, but also to make the volume of the industry.

In his opinion, rich rain gear products category, is an important way to expand the industry. Therefore, under the operation of Umbrella City Industry and Trade Company, the e-commerce industry museum is stepping up the interior decoration. At that time, it will attract investment for the whole industry chain of clear umbrella, five-fold umbrella, beach umbrella, raincoat and rain shoes and other related outdoor rain gear supplies, so as to supplement the industrial chain of Jinjiang umbrella industry. At the same time, there is an intention to invest in the raw materials of glass fiber.

"The e-commerce industry museum will be built into a window of Jinjiang Dongshi 'Chinese umbrella city', taking this as the starting point, the collection of the whole industrial chain resources of the national umbrella industry, in a combination of online and offline, to help industry enterprises expand channels and expand the market." "Wang Xiangpeng said.

According to the introduction, in addition to the offline exhibition hall, the e-commerce industry hall also has an e-commerce broadcasting room, and the association will build a network broadcast base and product selection platform. After the venue is completed and the umbrella companies are invited to join the exhibition, it will connect with Alibaba 1688 and other platforms. At the same time, strengthen the contact with related exhibitors, regularly hold clear umbrella exhibitions, to improve the share of Jinjiang umbrella in the domestic market.

"At present, the volume of Jinjiang umbrella industry has exceeded 10 billion, I am confident that the industry will create 10 billion again." Wang Xiangpeng said that only big fish in the pond will be big. By expanding the domestic market, enriching product categories, introducing the whole industrial chain of 50% umbrella and investment in glass fiber raw materials, Jinjiang umbrella industry will be promoted to leapfrog development.

With the establishment of Jinjiang Umbrella Industry Association, Wang Xiangpeng felt a heavy burden on his shoulders. He thought about how the association should carry out rich and effective member services, play a good role in the association's value-added win-win link and bridge in upstream and downstream enterprises, and contribute to the high-quality development of the industry.

One night, however, is already midnight, association of Wang Xiangpeng finished the work direction and operation way of thinking the last page of the PPT, for President for the first time meeting will be held on the second day morning, discusses the work plan association, as well as the industry development situation, in platform to create, industry support policies, enterprise digital transformation, etc. A few days later, he organized a seminar on the development of fiberglass materials to discuss how to further promote the development of fiberglass materials.

Half a month before the establishment of the association, Wang Xiangpeng held two consecutive meetings of the association in his busy schedule to discuss the urgent problems in the industry. Next, he plans to convene a meeting of industry equipment manufacturers to discuss how to promote the intelligent and digital transformation of the industry.

Vigorous, non-stop, has always been his style of work. And planning in advance, good at making decisions, is the magic weapon of his enterprise to win.

Strong dedication and sense of responsibility, driving him forward. Standing on the shoulders of his parents, he led Euana Umbrella to achieve many breakthroughs in sales, management and production methods. He sticks to the industry, and boldly and actively rushes to the forefront of the industry development; He works down-to-earth, and decisive innovation and change. I believe Jinjiang umbrella industry under his leadership, will glow new machine to create ten billion brilliant.

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