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Umbrella innovation meets dopamine-inspired design at Yoana Umbrella

The trending "dopamine fashion" movement has taken the world by storm, and Yoana Umbrella  has cleverly incorporated this style into their designs.

June 19, 2023

The trending "dopamine fashion" movement has taken the world by storm, and Yoana Umbrella  has cleverly incorporated this style into their designs.


Dopamine-inspired designs not only pursue creative breakthroughs but also require a professional team to turn ideas into reality. Yoana Umbrella's designers work closely with production teams, researching every detail to make their umbrellas fashionable and trendy.


When "fish scales" meet dopamine design


The creative foldable umbrella with fish scale pattern is an innovative and high-value-added product introduced by Yoana Umbrella The design inspiration comes from the meteorological phenomenon known as "fish scale clouds." The layered fish scale elements on the umbrella canopy create a three-dimensional effect, with different colors adding a touch of whimsy and enhancing depth and richness. Under sunlight, it gleams and exudes a luxurious texture.


This product features a new high-density fish scale fabric for the umbrella canopy, providing a soft touch and resistance to folding while blocking rainwater effectively. The inner surface is coated with a fish scale metallic film, forming a dual barrier that effectively blocks ultraviolet rays. It stands tall under the umbrella, providing a noticeable cooling sensation.


The eye-catching fish scale umbrella becomes a dopamine-style accessory, perfect for summer outings.


When "rainbow" meets dopamine design


Colorful mix-and-match is undoubtedly the safest and most vibrant choice within the "dopamine" color palette. When combined with the colors of the rainbow, each color block exudes infinite vitality that cannot be ignored.


This three-fold rainbow umbrella has a lively appearance, with various bright colors interwoven together. The umbrella canopy displays a pattern of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and blue, bringing a sense of sunshine. Made from high-density waterproof material and featuring sturdy umbrella ribs, it can withstand strong winds and heavy rain, providing reliable protection. Choosing this rainbow umbrella will make your umbrella no longer monotonous, adding a splash of color to every rainy day.


When "polyester" meets dopamine design


This fully automatic and refreshing polyester umbrella series comes in six different colors. Made from high-density polyester fabric, the umbrella canopy is smooth, beautiful, and maintains excellent verticality, making it easy to store without looking messy. Equipped with a high-quality automatic open and close mechanism, simply press the switch, and the umbrella will automatically open or close, saving time and effort.


This umbrella not only offers a variety of colors and a novel design but also allows us to express different moods and styles. Using it during the rainy season effortlessly creates a romantic atmosphere, making rainy days feel more joyful.


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