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Yoana Umbrella Manufacturer Emerges As The Leader of "OEM folding umbrella" In China

Since 1991, Yoana Umbrella Manufacturer has been focusing on the technological innovation and manufacturing of folding umbrellas for 32 years and has won more than 160 patents and honors.

April 03, 2023

Since 1991, Yoana Umbrella Manufacturer has been focusing on the technological innovation and manufacturing of folding umbrellas for 32 years and has won more than 160 patents and honors. The company owns the excellent umbrella industry chain from rolling steel, and plastics to umbrella frames and fabrics and has produced over 2 billion folding umbrellas. The products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world, including Italy and Russia.

"Folding umbrella OEM" has always been the main business and advantage of Yoana. As a B2B enterprise, Yoana's superior positioning of OEM/ODM has been continuously strengthened, and launched the brand strategy in 2021, committed to becoming "the world's largest folding umbrella manufacturer". Constantly improve the "folding umbrella manufacturing" field of product quality, technology iteration, scientific and technological content, intelligent innovation and other advantages.

Benefiting from the advantages of supporting the whole industrial chain and supplying key parts by ourselves, Yoana not only promotes the standardization of umbrella products, but also guarantees the production cycle of products. On the basis of manufacturing advantages, Yoana has achieved technology leadership, product research and development, intelligent production and other aspects of major breakthroughs.

The first intelligent medium rod production line in the umbrella industry was put into trial operation.

In the digital workshop of Yoana, the first intelligent medium rod production line of the umbrella industry has been put into trial operation, and small-batch production has begun. The intelligent medium rod production line completely replaces more than 10 complicated manual processes in the assembly process of umbrella medium rod with machines. The equipment that has been in trial operation is the second-generation equipment, which can assemble a medium rod in 8 seconds and produce 1000 dozen per day per line. It can replace the workload of 8-9 workers and save more than 90% of labor. In the meantime, the device continues to be upgraded.

Dongshi Town is the "umbrella Capital of China" and has been an important production and export base of China's sunny umbrellas for many years. However, with the end of the demographic dividend, the lack of innovation and the overall increase of the cost of various production factors, the labor-intensive umbrella industry is faced with severe challenges such as overcapacity, product homogenization and industrial migration. The operation and production of intelligent medium bar production line, and the promotion of industry standardization, is conducive to improving the market competitiveness of the local umbrella industry cluster.

Umbrella cloth automatic edge rolling equipment put into use.

During the period of COVID-19, the "Automatic Edge Rolling Device of Umbrella Cloth" initiated by Yoana Umbrella Industry was approved by the Fujian Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology and became a national key research and development project. After nearly a year of research and development, the equipment has been put into use.

The equipment around the "umbrella cloth automatic edge rolling" this key common technology point research, can realize 1 person control 5 equipment at the same time, can achieve the traditional process of 20 people's work efficiency, can save 30% labor cost, will effectively reduce the umbrella manufacturing enterprise labor cost. In addition, the lace cloth produced by the new technology is more uniform and beautiful, and improves the efficiency of the umbrella cloth, which is a major technological breakthrough in the umbrella industry.

This project brings together the innovative power of Yoana, including industrial workers. Based on Yoana's incentive policy of full staff innovation, front-line employees actively create, innovate and develop. In recent years, by stimulating the innovation vitality of the main body of the enterprise and cooperating with professional colleges and research institutes, Yoana Umbrella industry has conquered one key common technology problem after another in the industry. The intelligent equipment of automatic edging of umbrella cloth, intelligent riveting equipment of umbrella bone, intelligent assembly line of umbrella rod and other industries have been gradually formed.

Increasing investment in scientific research year by year to improve umbrella manufacturing capacity

The epidemic has brought new thinking and challenges to traditional labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises, which also forces the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries.

From 2019 to 2021, Yoana's investment in science and technology has been increasing year by year. In 2019, Yoana's R&D investment accounted for about 5.5% of sales, and in 2020, the share was 6.5%. This year's R&D investment will continue to increase.

After tasting the sweetness of scientific and technological innovation, Yoana Umbrella Industry also led the establishment of the industry's first science and technology innovation center - Strait (Jinjiang) Umbrella Industry Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Straits (Jinjiang) Umbrella Industry Science and Technology Innovation Center is a "think tank" type service platform for the collaborative development of umbrella industry innovation created by Yoana custom umbrella manufacturer after the talent collection, resource integration, incubation and reorganization of the leading team of science and technology, so as to promote the innovation and development, upgrading and transformation of the industry. Today, the supporting laboratory is applying for CNAS laboratory certification and has incubated a number of successful projects. 

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