Yoana | top wholesale folding umbrellas company

Yoana | top wholesale folding umbrellas company

This is an automatic and lightweight folding umbrella, which is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy umbrella frame and glass fiber structure, plus chrome-plated iron rod, the whole umbrella is very light.One-click open button and high density waterproof fabric complete this advanced and unique automatic umbrella.

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At Yoana, technology improvement and innovation are our core advantages. Since established, we have been focusing on developing new products, improving product quality, and serving customers. wholesale folding umbrellas Yoana is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products and one-stop service. We will, as always, actively provide prompt services such. For more details about our wholesale folding umbrellas and other products, just let us know.It plays an important role in our customers' business, and its market prospect is very broad.

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