What is umbrella advertising examples?


What is Umbrella Advertising Examples?

In the world of marketing, there are all kinds of strategies and tactics that brands can use to promote themselves and connect with their target audience. One approach that has become increasingly popular in recent years is umbrella advertising.

So what exactly is umbrella advertising, and how does it work? In this article, we'll answer those questions and provide some real-world examples of brands that have successfully used this approach.

What is Umbrella Advertising?

At its core, umbrella advertising is a type of marketing that involves promoting a product or brand under a larger category or concept. Rather than focusing solely on the specific features or benefits of a product, the goal of umbrella advertising is to create emotions or experiences around a broader theme or idea.

For example, a company that sells organic skincare products might use umbrella advertising to position themselves as part of a larger movement toward natural, sustainable living.

Umbrella Advertising Examples

Here are five real-world examples of how companies have used umbrella advertising to promote their brands:

1. Nike's "Just Do It" Campaign

One of the most famous examples of umbrella advertising is Nike's long-running "Just Do It" campaign. Rather than focusing on the technical features of their shoes or clothing, Nike has consistently used ads that encourage customers to push themselves and achieve their goals.

The campaign has been incredibly successful, helping to cement Nike's position as one of the premier brands in the sports world.

2. Apple's "Think Different" Ads

Apple is another company that has effectively used umbrella advertising to position themselves as a brand that stands for innovation and creativity. Their "Think Different" campaign featured ads that highlighted famous inventors, artists, and other thought leaders.

Rather than focusing solely on their products' technical features, Apple used this campaign to inspire customers to dream big and see their brand as part of a larger movement toward progress and innovation.

3. Dove's "Real Beauty" Campaign

Dove is a beauty brand that has used umbrella advertising to position themselves as part of a larger movement towards body positivity and self-acceptance. Their "Real Beauty" campaign featured ads that showed different body types and promoted the idea that all women are beautiful in their own way.

This campaign was incredibly successful, helping Dove become one of the most respected and admired brands in the beauty industry.

4. Subaru's "Love" Campaign

Subaru is an automotive brand that has used umbrella advertising to position themselves as a company that stands for love and family values. Their "Love" campaign featured ads that showcased families and pets enjoying their Subaru vehicles.

This approach helped Subaru appeal to customers who place a high value on family and relationships, and the brand has seen tremendous success as a result.

5. Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" Campaign

Finally, Coca-Cola is a brand that has used umbrella advertising to connect with customers through the concept of friendship and sharing. Their "Share a Coke" campaign featured bottles with the names of different people, encouraging customers to buy a Coke and share it with a friend.

This campaign was a huge success, helping Coca-Cola connect with customers on an emotional level and become one of the most recognizable brands in the world.


Umbrella advertising is a powerful marketing strategy that can help brands create emotional connections with customers and position themselves as part of larger cultural movements or values. By implementing this approach effectively, brands can stand out in crowded markets and develop long-term relationships with loyal customers.


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