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Then, reassemble the chair. The screw should hole in the fabric. If you want the extra bottom at the top to hang up, or fold it up, fix it with a screw when reassembling, this is your choice. Finally, manage the sleeves, just like the photo at the back. Now, stains on the chair, dirty things, wear and tear, will definitely attract a lot of eyes.

Two straight pieces of 1x2 and a short sandwich (6-8 inches)Between them, start at the top of the stand. Combine things together using short deck screws. Wrong screw (Increased intensity)And use them from both sides. Leave a 4 inch gap at the base of the bracket. To make the base, cut the 6 feet length of 1x4 into 2 equal 3 feet lengths.

I sewed my saw and sewed a side of a roll. To do this, fold the allowance in half until it meets the seam line. Adjust your machine so zig zag will enter the fabric on your left but will miss or cover the fabric on the left. This will cause the fabric to be stuffed into the stitching and form a neat binding edge.

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