What are the advantages of a black plastic umbrella? Where is the black plastic umbrella?


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At present, black plastic umbrellas are very popular on the market. So what are the advantages of a black plastic umbrella? Where is the black plastic umbrella? Most of the black plastic umbrellas on the market today are anti-ultraviolet in name only, and are easy to age and fall off. Introduce Yoana boutique department store vinyl umbrella, simple and fashionable style, with high-density waterproof, vinyl sunscreen, rain or shine, etc., ergonomic, small and delicate, easy to put in the bag, can also be carried around, original design Patterns, cute and fashionable color matching, give people a sense of fashion that leads the trend.

It is worth mentioning that this black plastic umbrella launched by Yoana Umbrella Industry adopts a new black plastic coating technology, which brings a surprising shading effect, so that the sun protection and heat insulation of the umbrella are greatly guaranteed. At the same time, the alloy steel umbrella rod is reinforced, and the upper thick and the lower thin are inverted design, which saves effort and makes the expansion and contraction smoother, further improving the firmness of the entire umbrella body, and you can choose from a variety of styles. Yoana Umbrella's black plastic umbrella uses a water-repellent coating on the ordinary PG cloth umbrella surface, which is strongly water-repellent, completely impermeable in rainy days, and dries immediately after a shake.

The multi-rib design is firm and durable, which reduces the importance of the umbrella while ensuring the stability of the overall umbrella structure.

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