Is it good to open umbrella in the house?


Is it Good to Open Umbrella in the House?

Umbrellas are an essential accessory that helps shield us from rain or intense sunlight when we are outdoors. It's a common practice to open an umbrella as soon as we step out of our homes, but what about opening an umbrella inside the house? There are numerous superstitions and old wives' tales surrounding this practice, often suggesting that opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck. In this article, we will explore the origins of this belief, examine the superstitions associated with it, and delve into scientific reasoning to finally answer the question: Is it good to open an umbrella in the house?

Origin of the Belief:

Opening an umbrella indoors is a superstition that dates back centuries and has been prevalent in various cultures around the world. The exact origins of this belief are unclear, but one theory suggests that it originated in ancient Egypt. In Egyptian mythology, umbrellas symbolized protection against evil spirits, and it was believed that opening them indoors would release these spirits into the household, leading to misfortune.

Superstitions Associated with Opening Umbrella in the House:

1. Bad Luck: The most common superstition suggests that opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck. It is believed that opening an umbrella inside will invite misfortune, accidents, or even death.

2. Relationship Issues: Some people believe that opening an umbrella indoors can lead to strained relationships or marital problems. It is said that the act can create a divide between loved ones living under the same roof.

3. Violent Storms: Another widespread belief is that opening an umbrella indoors will bring a storm, leading to severe weather conditions or natural disasters.

4. Death in the Family: In certain cultures, it is believed that opening an umbrella indoors can cause the death of a family member. This superstition has led many to avoid opening umbrellas inside their homes.

5. Stagnant Fortunes: Some superstitions associate opening an umbrella indoors with financial hardships, suggesting that it may bring stagnation or a decrease in wealth.

Scientific Perspective:

While superstitions surrounding opening an umbrella indoors are deeply ingrained in the minds of people, there is no scientific evidence to support these beliefs. Umbrellas are inanimate objects and do not possess mystical powers to bring about bad luck or other misfortunes. The superstitions surrounding this act seem to be based on folklore rather than any logical reasoning.

It is important to note that the superstitions regarding opening an umbrella in the house vary across different cultures. In some countries, such as Japan, opening an umbrella indoors is not only considered bad luck but is also seen as disrespectful. However, in Western cultures, while it may be considered bad luck, it is not generally viewed as offensive.


In conclusion, the belief that opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck or other negative consequences is based on superstitions rather than scientific evidence. While it is always advisable to exercise caution and avoid accidents, opening an umbrella indoors is not likely to cause any serious harm. The decision to open or close an umbrella inside the house ultimately depends on personal beliefs, cultural traditions, and individual comfort. If one prefers to err on the side of caution and avoid potential bad luck, it is best to refrain from opening umbrellas indoors. However, from a scientific standpoint, there is no concrete reason to believe that the act itself brings any negative consequences.


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