How to choose the right umbrella fabric and frame?


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There are also many kinds of umbrella fabrics, but there are three main types of fabrics used to make umbrellas: 1. PG cloth (also known as bumper cloth, bumper cloth, etc.), this cloth feels like cotton when touched by hand, and the color is softer; 2. Nylon cloth: This cloth is more elastic, it will feel slippery when you touch it, sprinkle some water on it, shake it gently, and the water will slide off immediately; 3. Spun silk cloth: This cloth is relatively inflexible, and after rubbing it by hand, it is difficult to restore the original shape due to wrinkles; 4. Oxford cloth: 210D and 420D Oxford cloth are often used in the production of sun umbrellas, and the difference between these two cloths is that 420D Oxford cloth is much thicker than 210D Oxford cloth. The first three fabrics are mainly used in the production of straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas and other umbrellas. According to the sun protection effect, the advertising umbrella is divided into silver tape and black tape.

Among them, the sunscreen effect of silver tape is lower than that of black tape, and some umbrellas will be coated with special colors. How to choose the right umbrella frame? 1. Advantages of aluminum bone: light weight and low price. 2. Advantages of chemical fiber bone: light weight, durable and strong wind resistance.

3. Carbon fiber bone advantages: light weight. Disadvantages: The wind resistance is average, and the price is the most expensive of all materials. 4. Advantages of wooden bones: Traditional Chinese umbrellas are often used.

5. Advantages of iron bone: strong and durable, the price is slightly more expensive than aluminum bone. According to the number of skeletons, it is also divided into 7 bones, 8 bones, 10 bones, 12 bones, 16 bones, 24 bones, etc. The more the number of bones, the stronger the quality. .

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