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The materials of advertising umbrellas generally use stainless iron, wood, aluminum alloy and fiber. Which material is better? Let me take you to understand the difference between the above materials. Let's talk about the advertising umbrella made of stainless iron first. If considering the cost, stainless iron is the best choice, its price is lower.

However, its durability is just like its price. It can be said that it is not very high, and it will be much worse than advertising umbrellas made of other materials. Wooden advertising umbrella. From the appearance alone, after seeing it for the first time, will it make you go back to the ancient times, when the umbrella was first invented.

The umbrellas at that time were wooden oil-paper umbrellas, which had a retro feel. Its price will be slightly more expensive than stainless steel. Aluminum alloy advertising umbrella.

The biggest advantage of advertising umbrellas made of aluminum alloys is that they are lighter. Just because of its material, the styles made are more fashionable, which is beyond the reach of the previous two materials. Combined with better fabrics, the umbrellas made can be described as relatively high-end.

But his price will be much higher. Everyone understands that the texture of aluminum alloy is a bit soft, and advertising umbrellas made of this material are not suitable for use in windy weather. If it is made into a professional sunscreen umbrella, it is the best choice.

Fiber advertising umbrella. Most advertising umbrellas now choose fiber materials, which can be said to completely make up for the shortcomings of the above models. Durable, strong, not easy to rust, good toughness, not easy to break, and the advertising umbrella made is beautiful and elegant.

It's just that the price will be slightly more expensive, but it is not as expensive as the aluminum alloy material, which is quite reasonable. In my opinion, I still recommend fiber materials for advertising umbrellas. You think, if you use a low-cost stainless steel material, consumers will be broken in a few days. Is it not only that it does not play a role in publicity, but it is counterproductive and makes consumers have complaints.

He will think "what kind of company is this, even the quality of an advertising umbrella is so poor, how can his product be so good". Wouldn't that be a bit of a loss? Therefore, don't just look at the immediate interests, but consider from a long-term perspective, which material will be used for advertising umbrellas, which will be effectively used.

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