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What kind of umbrella can be called a high-end umbrella? First of all, we all know that the umbrellas of the umbrella factory are mainly in two styles, one is foldable and the other is straight handle, so we can look at these two styles first. Business umbrellas should be regarded as one of the high-end umbrellas, just like the advertising slogan of business umbrellas, umbrellas are like professionals, but also have the spirit of professionals, do their jobs, represent excellence, perseverance and guarding traditions, high-end Umbrellas focus on quality creation. The umbrella surface is made of high-density water-repellent impact umbrella cloth, which has good extensibility and high tensile strength. Rainwater can easily slide off the umbrella surface, and the umbrella cloth will not get wet, and will not penetrate into the umbrella. Inside. The umbrella handle is designed with a wooden non-slip handle, which is convenient for people to use, and at the same time, it looks low-key but pays attention to texture, making it more comfortable to hold.

The folding style is more convenient to use, which is the most common one nowadays. Although there are some more expensive ones, they are not considered high-end. Because the use of folding umbrellas is not too extensive, it is ok in the face of ordinary weather, but once it encounters bad points, it will obviously show its shortcomings. And most of the folding umbrellas are for high temperature weather in summer, and some can be used in both rain and shine.

The straight-handled umbrella is different, not only can it easily cope with all kinds of weather, but also can reflect its differences in various occasions. We can see from our life that when people enter various important occasions, they believe that few people will hold a folding umbrella, but use a straight-handled umbrella, because only it can hold these occasions, and at the same time, it can hold a folding umbrella. Reflect the user's taste and temperament. As I said before, let alone umbrellas, it can be seen from ordinary umbrella brands that although my country's umbrella production accounts for 70% of the world's total, like some very well-known international umbrellas, most of them are All come from abroad.

Moreover, these high-end umbrellas are all mainly straight-handled umbrellas, and even in some places, having such an umbrella represents a symbol of identity. The materials used for each high-end umbrella are also different, such as carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, stainless, full fiber and so on. There are also several options for umbrella cloth, such as 210T impact cloth, sunscreen silver tape, brilliant satin, black plastic umbrella cloth, etc., each of which has its own characteristics and functions.

I feel that a high-end umbrella is like a high-end car, which not only can represent the identity of the user, but also has a certain quality and temperament. Although these relatively high-end products have some functions that other ordinary products do not have, in fact, no matter how many functions they have, the key is whether we can use them all? Just like a famous brand sports car, although it only takes two or three seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers, and the top speed can reach two hundred or more per hour, do you dare to run at this speed in the downtown area or other places? However, it is undeniable that some functions and performances of high-end umbrellas are indeed better than ordinary umbrellas. The current social consumer groups are gradually dominated by the post-80s and post-90s, and the age of this group is basically between 20-35 years old, so it is also called the core of youth consumption.

The concept of products in today's society is also different, and they are most interested in fashion, innovation and unique products. So even if you know the shortcomings of high-end umbrellas, there are still many people who like them, and even want to pursue one.

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