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Large outdoor sun umbrella customization-large outdoor sun umbrella manufacturer. Yoana Umbrella produces all kinds of sunny umbrellas and advertising gift umbrellas. The main products are: straight umbrellas, reverse umbrellas, automatic umbrellas, long-handled umbrellas, golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, garden manor umbrellas, sun umbrellas, tents, and other rain gear . Yoana's eyes are always in sync with the world.

With excellent product quality and noble design taste, it has won the trust of business giants in various fields around the world, and has become a loyal partner in the marketing channels of many well-known enterprises and brands at home and abroad, such as IT, electronics, communications, finance, food, and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers custom advertising tents 3*3 promotional activities awning stalls four corner tents outdoor folding tents How to choose a four-corner tent? The quality of the two core brackets and the top cloth is very critical when purchasing, and good quality can save you the troubles during use. Bracket: Someone once said that it is the soul of the tent, and the straight umbrella is customized. This sentence is not wrong at all. When the bracket is broken, just imagine how to hold the tent up? The heavier the stand when buying, of course, the price is worth the price, and the weatherproof effect is better. Yoana has its own set of standards for production, so everyone can buy it with confidence.

Top cloth: Why can it be used on sunny or rainy days? Because it has the function of sunshade and rain protection, Yoana chooses Oxford cloth for the material. Here, you can also find 420D, 600D and 800D commonly used in the tent industry, and it can also be tear-resistant, durable and soft as ever. Large outdoor sun umbrellas generally refer to non-hand-held sun umbrellas, which are mainly used on the ground. High-quality large-scale sun umbrellas should have anti-ultraviolet, rain-proof and high wind-resistant functions at the same time. When choosing an umbrella surface, it is best to choose a silver-coated umbrella surface. Ultra-light umbrellas are customized, because the silver-coated layer can reflect most of the ultraviolet rays, and also With the rainproof function, the second is to choose a denser twill and plain weave umbrella.

The wind resistance of a large outdoor sun umbrella is mainly determined by the umbrella seat, umbrella column and umbrella rib. The umbrella seat generally has many kinds of iron parts, cement, umbrella wholesale, marble and water injection umbrella seat. Umbrella columns and ribs are generally divided into five types - wood, iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and new composite materials. Wooden craftsmanship is complex, high cost, easy to damage, and it is rare in the market; at the same time, it has the advantages of high strength, no deformation, no rust, strong wind resistance, and moderate price. Due to the advantages of material properties, size It can do a lot, but there are not many manufacturers that can produce it, and it is difficult to buy in the market. It is best to choose such a sun umbrella that is not afraid of the wind.

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