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Creative and more practical umbrellas. Yoana reverse umbrella full fiber double-layer umbrella stand, double-layer imported high-density PG cloth umbrella surface, super windproof and water-repellent, and novel design of reverse opening and closing, allowing you to open and close the umbrella easily when you open the door and get in and out of the car. From now on, refuse the unpleasantness of being wet by the rain. It is a must-have umbrella for your daily life and business trips! Creative Reverse Fold Umbrella Design! Let the outer umbrella surface that has just finished raining be folded back to the inner layer, and you will no longer be afraid of the wet umbrella getting wet! It is also very popular among many car owners, and is no longer afraid of getting others and cars wet! Rain or shine! The reverse umbrella solves the "wet body" problem for three thousand years. This reverse umbrella is very "rebellious" in design. It completely reverses the structure and folding method of the entire umbrella, so that the ribs are exposed and the umbrella is opened upwards. Therefore, it is impossible for the umbrella to be overturned by strong winds. At the same time, when folded, it can be placed directly on the ground, and the rain-soaked side will never get your clothes wet.

YoanaC-type reverse umbrella is a sunny umbrella. The main highlight is that the direction of its folding is reversed from that of the previous umbrella. The advantages of this design solve many inconveniences of collecting umbrellas in rainy days.

First of all, it will not drip water. When the umbrella is folded, the outside becomes the inside, which can keep dry and dry. In addition, the umbrella surface itself is made of hydrophobic coating, so the phenomenon of dripping almost does not exist. Moreover, it can be opened and closed in the smallest space, and get on and off in rainy days. When it is turned on, it can reduce the degree of wetness, and there is no need to worry about touching people around when it is turned on. The C-shaped handle design can free both hands when holding an umbrella.

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